This is the best written book that I have ever read on the subject. It should be required reading for all physicians in training and practice. 
Peter M. Pardoll, MD, MAC. President Florida Gastroenterology Association
An invaluable primer for the beginner, a guide for the experienced and also a reference book…for both health care providers and attorney alike.
Karen DiCecco, MSN, RN, LNCC, Editor at Large, “Journal of Nurse Consulting,” American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants
A reference work (with) astute advice and helpful recommendations, artfully detailed...From a review by Alan G. Williams that appeared in the
“Journal of the American Medical Association


The chance of an American physician finishing his or her career without a malpractice claim is remote. In this 21st century American malpractice climate,
potentially every medical student, house officer, practicing clinician, and academician will testify at least once; either as a defendant or as a medical expert.
Every physician executive-medical director, director of medical education, & executive knows- or should know this - and thus has a duty to adequately educate and
train the physician. 
Gorney M. adapted from “Coping with Bad News: The Physician Executive's Role in a Lawsuit,” “Physician Executive,” 2002

  Written by Perry Hookman, MD, MHA, a clinician, experienced medical expert, and the author of more than 50 peer-reviewed medical articles,
Medical Malpractice Expert Witnessing: Introductory Guide for Physicians and Medical Professionals (11/07, ISBN-10: 1420058959, 592 pages) is a must-have resource for physicians, medical teaching professionals and other health care professionals, as well as for medical malpractice attorneys, and law school teaching professionals. 

Medical Malpractice Expert Witnessing: Introductory Guide for Physicians and Medical Professionals provides everything you need to
know to be an effective medical expert. (Also an invaluable resource for physicians and other medical professionals charged with medical malpractice.)
Among other things the book:
                  • Explains how to incorporate medical malpractice expert witnessing into your practice. 
                  • Details what to do and not do during a pending or ongoing medical malpractice lawsuit.
                  • Provides advice for how to maintain a powerful presence on the witness stand.
                  • Prepares you to answer embarrassing questions from the opposing attorney intended to embarrass and trip you up during cross-examination.
                  • Advises you about how to counter the Rule 26 Report prepared by the opposing attorney as well as the Daubert Challenge.
                  • Discusses how physicians are investigated before and after they provide testimony.
                  • Advises you on how to manage attorney abuse.
                  • Explains how you can use legal theories and medical analogies to strengthen your testimony.
                  • Provides examples of deposition questions that opposing attorneys commonly ask medical experts as well as advice for how to prepare
                    for a deposition.
                  • Explains the dos and don’ts of advertising for the medical expert.
                  • Outlines key caveats of the attorney-physician relationship.
The book also features:

                 • Insights and advice from a trial judge and experienced medical malpractice attorneys.
                 • Sample attorney work contracts for medical experts.
                 • Model medical expert and Rule 26 templates.
                 • HIPAA templates.
                 • Other time saving forms, agreements and templates.
                 • Comprehensive list of medical analogies to fit nearly every case.
                 • CD-ROM full of in-depth articles of interest and value to medical experts.

Deepen Your Understanding of How to Be an Effective Medical Expert



Medical Expert Testimony: Advanced Syllabus for Health Care Professionals.

According to Alan G. Williams, JD, Reviewer for the JAMA Book and Media Reviews Section JAMA. 2010;303(4):369 –   
“ A crowning achievement. ..serves as the definitive text for medical expert witnesses or for clinicians forced to participate
in the civil litigation .. keen observations and astute recommendations.. provides effective instructional tools ..for deposition
or trial cross-examination. ..Each topic is clearly delineated and interspersed with text boxes of facts and examples. ..
succeeds as a reference manual.. presents the identified problem, the recommended remedy, and the likely result.
Each section is followed by a list of sources to aid the reader in exploring additional references or materials.
Medical expert witnesses would do well to heed the recommendations and advice presented in this unique and insightful reference


Medical Expert Testimony: Advanced Syllabus for Healthcare Professionals

Alan G. Williams, JD

JAMA. 2010; 303(4):367-371. doi:10.1001/jama.2010.28

Although Perry Hookman has previously written a valuable reference manual regarding medical expert testimony in malpractice cases (Medical Malpractice Expert Witnessing: Introductory Guide for Physicians and Medical Professionals), Medical Expert Testimony: Advanced Syllabus for Healthcare Professionals represents his crowning achievement. While at times a bit verbose and superfluous with the dispensing of information, Medical Expert Testimony nonetheless serves as the definitive text for physicians seeking to augment their income by serving as medical expert witnesses or for clinicians forced to participate in the civil litigation arena.





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  Medical Expert Testimony: Advanced Syllabus for Health Care Professionals (June, 2009, ISBN: 978-0-9817570-0-1, 936 pages) teaches you:   
                 • The strategies and tactics used by the opposition’s attorney to make medical experts look biased and incompetent and how to counter them.   
                 • How to avoid court sanctions when you are testifying as a medical expert.
                 • Medical expert and attorney mistakes to avoid.
                 • The kinds of information that judges and juries in medical malpractice lawsuits need to know.
                 • CD-ROM with book includes nearly 3,000 sources, references and links to resources for medical & legal experts.

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